Inventor Unveils Awesome Giant Pacific Rim-Style Robot Invention

This the closest thing we've ever seen to Optimus Prime.

The robot of the future?
Pacific Rim The robot of the future Image Warner Bros. Pictures

From Transformers to Pacific Rim, sci-fi cinema has brought us some of the coolest looking robots around over recent years, and now they could be taking a great big mechanical step towards becoming a reality.

A man claims to have invented a fully functioning robot craft, and it’s the closet thing to Optimus Prime we’ve ever seen.

Inventor Vitaly Bulgarov is the man responsible for creating the craft, which was unveiled on Facebook, and could one day prove a handy alternative for anyone looking to beat the morning rush or something like that anyway.

Bulgarov filmed the machine, called METHOD-2, taking its first tentative steps, and while it’s just an early prototype, we could well be looking at a whole new generation of robot technology.

METHOD-2, which stands at an impressive four metres tall, was designed by Hankook Mirae Technology, although some people have questioned the legitimacy of the product.

Industry insiders are claiming that the machine is just a stunt, and that it won’t ever go into full production, and a look at Bulgarov’s portfolio doesn’t exactly check out either.

His website refers to him as a “fictional robotics corporation that develops its products in a not-so-distant future”, and he’s also credited for working in the art departments on Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Robocop.

It might just be a stunt, but that doesn’t stop it being a totally badass robot, and we definitely want one.

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