An Evolutionary Biologist Discusses What Alien Sex Would Look Like

Sex that's out of this world

Alien love in Avatar. Touch my tail. Image James Cameron 20th Century Fox

Alien sex is something we’ve all thought about right? There are adventurous sorts out there who have a hankering for E.T. We wanted to go further and consider what love-making between two consenting aliens would be like.

Thankfully, an evolutionary biologist had the same thought and looked into it. 

There have been countless accounts of aliens raping humans, but realistically it probably wouldn’t happen that way as we’re built a bit differently. Round hole, square peg type situation.



“Alien eroticism would probably be totally different, having developed along its own evolutionary lines,” The Mirror reports Dr Sarah Otto saying.

For example, the aliens could be asexual like slugs.

“Rather than male and female, some species have categories like A, B, C, D, and E,” Dr. Otto added.

What about the pleasure centre of sex?

Dr Otto said it’s likely aliens would find sex arousing in their speciifc way since reproducing would be relevant to an extraterrestrial race as well. Sex feeling good is a way to incentivise beings to keep forking out little ones. How they mate, well that’s another kettle of fish or, rather, aliens.

We can whip up some images of what that might look like though, see below.



Oh good lord. Save us.



Yeah, perhaps not.

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