An All-You-Can-Eat Retro Crisp Restaurant Is Opening In The UK

How many bags of Space Raiders can you eat in one sitting?

A collection of crisps.
Crisps Glorious Crisps

How many bags of 10p Pickled Onion Space Raiders could you eat in one sitting? How about barbecue rib flavour Roysters? Or Smith’s Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks?

Those might sound like the kind of questions you once asked your mates on the playground, but pretty soon us grown adults are going to get a chance to finally answer those questions.

That’s because the world’s first all-you-can-eat retro crisp restaurant is coming to the UK and is offering you the chance to really put your passion for these nostalgic snacks to the ultimate test.

It’s all happening down at the Kitchen on Silver Street in Bristol. For just £9.50, visitors can tuck into to more than 30 different varieties of classic crisps from the 90s heyday of school time snacking, long before Jamie Oliver stuck his nose in on kids’ nutrition.

Everything from Chip Sticks to Wheat Crunchies, Quarterbacks, Tangy Toms, French Fries, Roysters and plenty more familiar old favourites will be on offer as part of the two-hour eat-a-thon.

A retro crisp cafe.
Some of the flavours on offer. It looks delicious.

As well as the bottomless buffet, the event will host the ultimate crisp sarnie competition and Um Bungo cocktails will also be on hand for further enhanced this nostalgia trip.

Tickets for the original event on August 30 have already sold out but, due to popular demand, a second date has been added on September 13 – you can bag a ticket here.

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