An Alien Insect From The Dinosaur Age Has Been Found Preserved In Amber, Sound Familiar?

Scientists have never seen anything like this

The ant-like creature from a time long gone. Image Oregon State University George Poinar

Aliens are real! They look like ants! Well, that’s our impression regarding an ancient bug scientists have found. The strange insect was found preserved in amber from the mines of Myanmar according to the Christian Science Monitor.

It resembles a large ant only with much longer antennae and very long back legs. Scientists believe the bug could be over 100 million years old, harking back to the age of the dinosaurs – Jurassic Park anyone?

Researchers from Oregon State University, who have been looking closely at the specimen are puzzled as they’ve never seen it before, ever. In a study published in the journal Cretaceous Research, authors George Poinar Jr. and Alex Brown have named the alien creature, Aethiocarenus burmanicus.


Oregon State University


“I had never really seen anything like it. It appears to be unique in the insect world, and after considerable discussion, we decided it had to take its place in a new order.” Said the scientists in a University press release. 

There are 31 different orders of insects on the planet right now that we know of. This new find is now number 32.

What makes it unique is its triangular-shaped head, which is strange for ant-like insects. It also has eyes very far apart, prompting the scientists to believe that it was able to see 180 degrees just by turning its head.

Ancient bugs = Terrifying Image Imgur

“The strangest thing about this insect is that the head looked so much like the way aliens are often portrayed,” said Poinar. “With its long neck, big eyes and strange oblong head, I thought it resembled E.T.”

Maybe hold off on cloning that thing. Feel like nature probably got rid of these guys for a reason.

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