This “Alien Hunting” Submarine Has Been Created For A Special Mission

This nifty little machine could be the key to finding underwater alien life

Jupiter From Europa. Image Artwork Photograph by Detlev Van Ravenswaay

You might think you’re more likely to find a UFO in space than here on earth, but scientists have recently begun testing a very special ‘alien-hunting’ submarine in Antartica.

With the mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s 67 moons, happening soon, scientists have been testing a very special submarine in Antartica with a view to eventually launching the craft into space.

According to Vice’s Motherboard, after Trump cut funding to NASA, the dreams of exploring Europa and it’s “ocean of liquid water under the icy, red-veined crust,” was seemingly squashed.

However, independent companies decided to jump on the space train and try their hand at finding aquatic aliens, which means there could be a future for the ‘alien hunting’ submarine yet.

ARTEMIS – an autonomous submarine created to “hunt” for extraterrestrials – was built by Stone Aerospace, and in 2015 the vessel was launched off the coast of Antartica to get it used to the freezing temperatures on Europa.

Last week the results of this test were presented at NASA’s astrobiology conference. So far, so good.
Though the sub tested won’t be heading to one of Jupiter’s moons, a rebuilt lighter version of the design will.

Accompanying ARTEMIS is a cryobot named SPINDLE which will house the submarine and drill through the very thick ice of Europe to allow ARTEMIS clear passage into the murky depths.

An artist's impression of what the mission on Europa could look like/NASA

Many space enthusiasts are pushing NASA and the European Space Agency to join forces and attempt a trip to the surface of Europa. For now though, NASA is claiming this isn’t going to happen. 

It’s times like these we need secretive billionaire industrialist S. R. Hadden, from Contact, to show up and pitch in. 

The brains behind the alien hunting sub have hope that if such a trip were to take place, ARTEMIS will be in the cargo, ready to headout on the mission.

Who knows what this extraordinary vessel and its buddy SPINDLE will find?

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