An Adam Sandler Career Resurgence Is On After Oscar Buzz

The actor is seriously impressing critics with his latest film...

adam sandler
Adam Sandler promoting his latest film in Cannes Could this be the start of good movies starring Adam Sandler? Image Getty Images

Adam Sandler is known for making terrible movies, with one or two gems amongst the bullshit. But after he received a four-minute standing ovation in Cannes for his latest film, he may be headed for a change of pace.

Sandler has earned himself a solid average of 23% on Rotten Tomatoes for crap films like Sandy Wexler, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan and Jack and Jill.

The man definitely has a specific brand of humour, so at least he’s consistently bad.

Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler.
Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler His latest Netflix effort Image Netflix

Now and then, however, he will let loose a beautiful performance or film such as his turns in Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me.

His latest effort, The Meyerowitz Stories directed by Noah Baumbach and starring Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, and Ben Stiller has critics singing his praises and even crying Oscar. 

adam sandler
The Meyerowitz Stories/Netflix

The Chicago Tribune added him to their list of Oscar contenders stating,

“Sandler’s tender, rumpled performance as a recently divorced father in Noah Baumbach’s “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected),” was hailed as a new high point for the Sand Man.”

Sandler plays Danny, the son of a washed-up sculptor played by Dustin Hoffman. It’s a convincing portrayal of a dysfunctional family and a complicated father-son relationship.

Only time will tell how it all pans out for Sandler, but one thing is for sure – when he’s bad he’s terrible, and when he’s good, he’s incredible.

Look out for The Meyerowitz Stories this autumn on Netflix.

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