The stalker behind Amy Schumer’s considerable cojones

The Trainwreck comic on how a demented fan gave her more guts on stage.

Amy Schumer got more balls after she was stalked
The Schumerst go on Despite spotting a crazed fan in the audience Schumer continued with a stand-up gig. Image Pictures Scott Legato/Getty Images

If she was joking about being plagued by an obsessed fan Amy Schumer would probably ask, “Who’d want to stalk me? In Miami, I’m a minus three out of 10.”

But she didn’t think having a stalker was funny, especially when they turned up at one of her stand-up shows. Schumer told Loaded, “I feel fearless on stage now because everything bad has already happened. I have seen a stalker in the audience!”

In a show of uncharacteristic decorum, the New Yorker declined to go into the gory details about her ordeal at the hands of a nutty admirer. But she’s said before she had to change her email address because of an unhinged fan.

“I feel fearless on stage now because everything bad has already happened. I’ve seen a stalker in the audience!”

Schumer did admit the experience has made her even more ballsy on stage, as it helped her kick a phobia of hecklers.

She said, “I’ve had people throwing stuff at me on stage, people have threatened to beat me up and I’ve performed straight out of hospital with food poisoning. I was like, ‘I can do this, I can take it’.”

The Inside Amy Schumer shock-merchant, who recently split from WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler because, in her words, their sex was “too intense and athletic”, numbers Madonna among her fans and insists she won’t tone down her mouthy image or alter her body for Hollywood.

“I don’t buy into the Hollywood aesthetic at all,” Schumer added. “I’ve done photoshoots where they’re used to shooting supermodels, and that’s not why I got where I am. I’ll tell my friends they’re gorgeous, but it’s not necessarily my first compliment. Saying, ‘You’re pretty’ – who cares? I want people, not just women, to feel good about themselves.”

The 34-year-old’s philosophy is there’s no point obsessing over her looks because, with every passing minute, she is slowly dying.

“If I’m on a plane I always think, ‘If this plane goes down, I’d be so annoyed with myself that I didn’t have that ice-cream sundae’,” Schumer cackled. “We’re all just decomposing anyway.”

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