Is Amy Schumer’s Career In Serious Decline?

Her new special recently tanked on Netflix - but is the criticism justified?

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Amy Schumer has announced she will no longer be playing the role of Barbie in Disney’s upcoming remake.

The comedian put the decision down to “scheduling conflicts”, but it’s just the latest bit of bad news for her in what’s been a pretty rough few months.

It comes after her Netflix special received a one-star rating, pretty much single-handedly convincing the streaming service to drop their ratings system for good.

Just a few years ago Amy Schumer made a huge impact with her, admittedly patchy, but inspired series Inside Amy Schumer, and she cemented her new status with the well-received comedy Trainwreck back in 2015.

Unfortunately though, the ‘joke stealing’ allegations that have followed her over recent years resurfaced after her special aired.

Watch a YouTube clip pointing out the similarities between her material and old jokes, and Schumer explaining them below:

Whatever you make of the allegations, you have to ask yourself – why is she being so laboriously scrutinized in this way?

Schumer has been targeted unfairly online, and she recently blames “alt-right trolls” for overstating the failures of her latest special.

“I am so proud of my special and grateful to all the people spreading love on line about it,” Schumer recently wrote on Instagram. “I am the first female comic who is selling out arenas all over the world and so grateful for that.”

She went on to add: “I am embarrassed for the ‘journalists’ who report on trolls activities as if it’s news. It’s indicative of administration right now. Anyone who reported that ‘viewers aren’t happy’ with my special, it would have been cool if you did a moment of research before posting. The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do.”

Amy Schumer got more balls after she was stalked

US comedian Mark Maron recently put the same argument slightly more succinctly, saying: “She, through the internet, is literally being verbally career-raped by an army of un-fuckable hate nerds.”

You can’t help feel that the negative reaction and her parting ways with the Barbie movie are intrinsically linked. After all, she was the victim of terrible fat-shaming when the news was initially announced – something she responded to with an empowering Instagram post.

The shaming was even more ridiculous when you consider that it’s actually physically impossible to achieve the same body dimensions of a barbie doll

Despite the recent knocks, she remains one of the biggest comedians in the world, and we can’t see this news damaging her reputation forever. She’ll be back, whether the trolls like it or not.

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