Amir Khan Under Fire Over Seriously Dumb Sexist Comment

The boxer is guilty of asking arguably the stupidest question of all-time.

Amir Khan doesn't do politics.
Amir Khan doesn't do politics. Yeah, no kidding.

Amir Khan is facing criticism from I’m A Celeb fans on Twitter after asking possibly the dumbest and most sexist question in the history of the ITV reality series.

I’m A Celeb has featured plenty of contentious male contestants over the years with names like Mike Read, Freddie Starr and Matthew Wright immediately springing to mind.

But these guys never said anything quite as controversial as Khan just did during his stint in the jungle when he asked his fellow contestants: “Can a woman be Prime Minister?”

Yes, that’s right, 30-year-old Amir Khan is not only unaware that women can hold the office of Prime Minister, he’s also seemingly unaware that Theresa May currently holds that position of power. Oh and he pretty much forgot about Margaret Thatcher too, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Amir Khan on I'm A Celeb.
Amir Khan. Politics isn't his strong point. Image ITV Rex

The question came after fellow celeb Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson’s father, was voted to be Prime Minister of the camp. It was then that Khan asked Johnson: “If something God forbid happened to you is it possible that a woman could take over?”

Johnson replied: “Well a woman could take over because Toff [another contestant on the show] is my deputy.” Soon enough, Khan was asking the question that left fans across the country aghast: “Has there ever been a prime minister?”

Theresa May Image Getty

Out of nowhere, Khan quickly remembered Thatcher, the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century, was in fact a woman and subsequently urged Johnson to “don’t’ tell anyone” what he had just said. Even then, he made no mention of May though.

Unfortunately, the ITV cameras picked up on the blunder, prompting a raft of criticism from viewers on Twitter, many of whom were upset at the notion that a 30-year-old man might think, even for a second, that a woman couldn’t be prime minister. It is 2017 after all.

It’s not the first time a bloke has said something absolute insane on the show – Shane Warne revealed his belief that humans descended from aliens during a stint on the Australian version of the series a couple of years back.

The Khan revelations come just days after it was revealed that the boxer is the highest paid celebrity of all-time on the reality series having earned close to £400,000 after signing up to do the show.

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