American Woman Seeking British Husband To Escape Trump Presidency

This was a mail order bride with a difference.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump.
Donald Trump and his wife. The president and first lady. Image Getty

An American woman, unhappy at the result in the US elections, has taken to Reddit to offer herself up as a “mail order bride” for one lucky Scotsman.

The California resident, known only as Wendlynne on the social media sharing website, took to the Reddit Scotland page to offer herself up to one potential suitor in the wake of Donald Trump’s shock march to victory.

“Late 30s, fit-ish, doesn’t cook, spends too much time on reddit, bakes well, sews like a mofo, no kids, two Scottish terriers and one paint horse in tow,” the message read.

“Seeks countrymen with IQ relatively superior to sea slugs, genetic potential for ginger babies, and men comfortable with skirts and female leaders.

“Packing suitcase now, can be at Los Angeles International airport within about two hours.”

She even went as far as posting a picture of herself on Imgur alongside the message, which soon prompted a barrage of responses – 97 and counting – from men seemingly eager to offer their services in this time of need.

Imgur user wendlynne
wendlynne The woman at the centre of the Reddit Mail Order Bride story. Image wendlynne/Imgur

“Hey, I live in the highlands!! Rooms are empty I got plenty you can move in right away x ;),” one user writes.

Meanwhile, another adds: “Well, I’m a strawberry blond male Scot, read about four books a week, am a good cook and have four terriers. I live six miles from the coast and four miles from the mountains and own a four bedroom house and a rental property. Any good?”

The story has since gone viral, with any number of blokes throwing their hat into the ring, so to speak.

Reacting to the popularity of the post, Wendlynne returned to Reddit to offer up a response to those seeking to win her round as well as a thank you: “If no husband and exit strategy has been found today, a deepened respect for your camaraderie (and disdain for Trump) has been found. Love to Scotland, sounds like I’m due for a visit again soon.”

And people say Trump getting elected is a bad thing for the United Kingdom.

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