Chris Owen


American Pie Ladies Man “The Sherminator” Is Back And Better Than Ever

By Jack Beresford

February 01, 2017

Though he’s probably best known for his role as deluded “ladies man” and Arnold Schwarzenegger enthusiast Chuck “The Sherminator” Sherman, actor Chris Owen has actually enjoyed a pretty diverse career.

To date, he’s racked up 57 credits in TV and film, including roles in movies like The Mist, She’s All That and Van Wilder. And yes, a lot of American Pie movies.

A few years back, however, the Michigan-born star suffered something of a career slump.

Having worked steadily through his younger years in many a teen comedy, the work appeared to dry up for Owen to such an extent that it was reported he had started waiting tables to pay the bills.

Such reports were, of course, both cruel and entirely unnecessary – everyone has to work and Owen has already achieved more than most as a cult film star and cultural touchstone to an entire generation of moviegoers.

For starters, he appeared in the TV series Criminal Minds while those reports of Owen’s filmic demise appear to have been well wide of the mark, with the star on course for a big 2018 with two films on the horizon.

First up, Owen has landed a part in the indie drama Off-Time, in a role that could mark something of a departure from his more familiar comedic fare.

However, it’s his other project that has everyone at loaded excited for the return of The Sherminator.

It’s called The Epidemic and it tells the story of a small band of survivors in a small US town who, after a shock meteor strike, have to contend with an arm of zombies.

Owen stars alongside screen legend Eric Roberts and Kurt Angle – yep, the WWE legend – in a film that sounds like a brilliant slice of B-movie horror.

The American Pie icon also appears to have signed up for the next Sharknado movie if his Instagram is anything to go by.

So block out the haters, Chris, because we’re team Sherminator all the way.