Who is America’s favourite movie star?

Will Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks or perhaps John Wayne come out on top?

Harrison Ford Sandra Bullock Tom Hanks Jennifer Lawrence America's favourite movie star
America's favourite movie star Do you agree with the US's number one pick? Image Picture Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate

A new survey of more than 2,000 US cinemagoers has revealed the country’s favourite movie star.

The Harris Poll surveyed film fans from December 9 to 14 last year to come up with their annual power list. Last year’s winner Denzel Washington lost his crown to a familiar face who happens to have won this title on four previous occasions.

Who is it? Read on to find out the results counting down from 10 to one. But be warned, George Clooney is nowhere to be seen.



Julie Roberts and Brad Pitt

Coming in joint-ninth are the duo who starred together in The Mexican and the Ocean’s Eleven movies. Roberts claimed the number one spot herself back in 2001.


Clint Eastwood

An old favourite. Eastwood’s long career in westerns and, more recently, directing and acting in his own films has kept him popular for six decades.


Jennifer Lawrence

America’s new sweetheart. Lawrence’s hugely popular Hunger Games movies and Oscar-bait dramas see her chart at number seven. Her highest chart position was her debut year in 2013, when she hit the dizzy heights of number three.


Sandra Bullock

After taking time out in 2014, Bullock has powered back onto the list on the back of her voiceover role in Minions and drama Our Brand Is Crisis.


Harrison Ford

He’s spent the last five years hovering around the lower reaches of the top ten, but returning to the role of Han Solo has sent Ford rocketing up the charts faster than the Millennium Falcon attempting the Kessel Run.


John Wayne

Yes, the man they call “The Duke” is still on the list despite being dead for 37 years. He polled first choice among men and voters who identified themselves as Republicans. Middle America still loves a cowboy.


Denzel Washington

Last year’s number one. Washington took a year off in 2015, which probably accounts for his slip down the chart. With The Magnificent Seven out this year, though, expect him to be back as top-spot contender soon.


Johnny Depp

Despite appearing in the dreadful Mortdecai last year, US cinemagoers still can’t get enough of Jack Sparrow. His critically acclaimed role in Black Mass, right at the tail-end of 2015, probably helped his cause.


Tom Hanks

Toy Story. Big. Forrest Gump. Cast Away. The list of Tom Hanks classics is a long one. He recently took on the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated Bridge Of Spies, adding another great film to his CV. He was also named America’s favourite movie star in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2013 – this probably won’t be his last.

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