Amazing Wine Bottle Life Hack Could Mean No More Corkscrews Forever

And all you’ll need is a bicycle pump! What? You don’t own a bike? Get one!

Drinking wine back in the day.
Drink up Before it runs out Image drinking wine

If like so many of us out there, you struggle to locate your corkscrew the one time someone decides to bring round a fancy bottle of wine – i.e. one with a cork rather than a screw top – then we’ve found the life hack for you.

Corks can be temperamental at the best of times. Some are tough to budge, others break in half and then there are those times the cork actually ends up in the wine. Don’t even talk to us about those.

But uncorking a bottle of wine need not be the ordeal it so often becomes, particularly when drunk, and it’s all thanks to one YouTuber – who ever thought we’d be saying that.

His name is Jason Harrison and, for some unknown reason, he’s uncovered a genius way of opening a corked bottle of wine, perfectly, every time and without the need for a corkscrew.

There’s just one slight snag: you’ll need a bicycle pump.

It’s at this point that the majority of non-bike riders will have departed but they shouldn’t – bike pumps are pretty reasonably priced these days and could serve you well.

The trick is simple enough. You place the bike hose point into the side of the bottle and give it a few pumps (oh er!)

Here comes the best part: the resulting injection of air will see the pressure increase inside the bottle with the cork eventually shooting out with some force.

Just watch out for that flying cork – that would be one black eye you’d have some trouble explaining away at work.

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