Amanda Knox Discusses What Romance In A Women’s Prison Is Like

The exoneree is taking us behind the bars

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Amanda Knox spent four years in a prison over in Capanne, Italy for the 2007 murder of her room-mate Meredith Kercher, before eventually being acquitted and returning to her home state of Washington.

Lately she’s been writing about her experiences for VICE offshoot Broadly, with her latest contribution ‘What Romance in Prison Actually Looks Like,’ detailing an interesting encounter she had with a fellow inmate who she calls ‘Leny.’

She said they first met one day in the courtyard of the prison when Amanda was having her daily jog, bonding over their interest in LGBTQ rights. They soon became friendly, sharing espresso’s and stories about how they got there.


Then Leny started wanting more, which is the usual occurrence in prison environments, like Amanda says, “Relationships in prison are sometimes about sex, but more often they’re about human connection. Because prison is an awful place: It is designed to deny people of their desire to connect.”

She told Amanda that she’d ‘changed’ women before, and kissed her. Amanda responded by ending their friendship which prompted tense interactions between the two women. Eventually Leny was released as her sentence was a short one. But she still pursued Amanda, sending her Jazz CD’s inscribed with love notes.

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Knox has summed up the experience by understanding Leny’s perspective and her need for company while being a crap situation.

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