The ride, which is the first of its kind, has been met with scorn on Twitter.


Alton Towers Unveils Controversial Plans For Wooden Rollercoaster That Runs Through Fire

By Jack Beresford

January 08, 2018

Alton Towers has announced plans for its latest attraction – a rollercoaster that combines wood and fire on a “breath-taking scale” and begs the question: ‘what could possibly go wrong?’.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly for the theme park giant, the plans have not been particularly well received by Twitter, with many hitting out at Alton Towers over the ill-conceived project.

The Staffordshire theme park has spent an estimated £16m on the The Wicker Man – a ride seemingly inspired by the classic 1970s horror movie of the same name rather than the remake involving Nicolas Cage and a mask of bees.

It’s the first wooden rollercoaster to be built in the UK for 21 years and features a 58ft wicker man who appears to burst into flames as riders race through the structure three times on a giant 2,028 ft wooden track. Sounds… interesting.

Bradley Wynne, the theme park’s creative lead, said: “We hope visitors will be blown away by Wicker Man’s breath-taking scale whilst the primal essence of the wooden coaster and astonishing effects will leave them delighted, exhilarated and eager to ride again.”

The plans have been met with some scepticism online and it’s not difficult to see why.

Merlin Attractions, the theme park’s operator, was previously fined £5m for a “catastrophic failure” of health and safety rules that resulting in two visitors losing a leg after a collision on the Smiler rollercoaster in 2015 that left a further 16 people injured.

As a result, many fans have been left unsure as to whether plans for a rollercoaster combining fire and wood is a bright idea.

Some were immediately put off the plans before the words ‘fire’ and ‘wood’ were even mentioned…

Others imagined how the idea for The Wicker Man ride might have come to pass:

Then there were those that did the research… kind of.

Some were still haunted by memories of the movie…

While others urged people to remember what happened back in 2015.

There were also those that wondered aloud – possibly sarcastically – what could go wrong.

This guy got a run out too…

Though the whole thing did go some way to explaining why Jurassic Park kept getting reopened. Well, for one Tweeter, at least.

The Wicker Man is set to debut in the Spring at Alton Towers.

Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan.