‘Allo mum: Life according to Grant Mitchell

As Ross Kemp returns to EastEnders, watch the greatest scenes of soap's most loveable hardman.

Grant Mitchell Loaded
Return of the Grant Everyone's favourite Mitchell brother is set to return to the square. Image Picture by Getty Images

Fans of EastEnders are rejoicing with news that “handsome hardman” of the soap (their words), Grant Mitchell, is set to return to Walford.

Tough guy Grant (played by Ross Kemp before he went off hunting gangs) and his brother Phil spent a decade styling themselves as a bald Kray Brothers, wreaking havoc around their East London haunts.

Mummy’s boy Grant was quite the ladies’ man during his time in the square, but was known for turning nasty on the women in his life as soon as he married them, the little pest that he was. There was his ill-fated marriage to Tiffany, and let’s not forget that he hooked up with Sharon first before Phil came along to take his brother’s sloppy seconds. Grant took off for Portugal in 2006, but will soon return for the first time in 10 years as mum Peggy battles cancer. 

Here, we take a look at some of Grant’s finest moments.



“This is what happens when I try to be a nice guy”


Dodgy dancing. Tiffany and Bianca. Someone starting on Grant. A row stopped by Pat and her amazing earrings. Frank Butcher. EastEnders at its very best. 


Grant gets nicked

From 1998, Beppe (Michael Greco) and Tiffany (Martine McCutcheon) conspire to send Grant to prison in order to regain custody of Tiffany and Grant’s daughter Courtney. The copper looks positively thrilled with proceedings and Grant is well and truly nicked.


The Mitchells go to Italy

“Phil, will you get over here please, I’m being attacked by a munchkin.”
A rare hiatus from Walford as the Mitchells attempted to race to the airport in Italy to rescue the Beale kids from their mother Cindy. A car accident and hilarious punch up causes them to lose valuable time on the way, and Grant greatly annoyed the locals.


Grant dumps Carla

Getting thrown into a bin by Grant Mitchell is as sure a sign as any that you have been dumped, as his scheming girlfriend Carla found out just as Grant was preparing to leave for Portugal. Still, at least she remained alive, unlike Tiffany…


Not long before Grant departs for Portugal, he and Phil break into scheming Jonny’s house to teach him a lesson. Jonny makes the fatal error of having Grant mutter the words: “That has upset me” and Grant Mitchell is a man you really do not want to upset.


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