A Breakdown Of All The Crazy Things Nicolas Cage Blew His $150m Fortune On

That dinosaur skull is only the beginning...

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There was a time when Nicolas Cage was the biggest star on the planet.

In the space of just two short years, the Oscar-winner delivered an unparalleled Holy trinity of action movie brilliance: The Rock, Con Air and, best of all, Face/Off.

The success continued into the turn of the millennium with movies like Gone In 60 Seconds, Adaptation and National Treasure evidence of an A-lister in his pomp.

At one point, Cage was one of the top earners in Hollywood, worth an estimated $150 million. But then something happened: Cage lost his freaking mind.

Okay, so he didn’t technically lose his mind but you would be forgiven for thinking that was the case given the frankly absurd purchases he made in the years that followed his initial success.

In the space of a few short years, Cage managed to blow most of that fortune on some of the most insane things you could ever imagine. It’s part of the reason why he’s now only worth $25 million and why he’s been busy churning out some of the worst movies imaginable.

So where the hell did all that money go? Well, according to CNBC’s “The Filthy Rich Guide” Cage blew his load of some of the following, frankly absurd, purchases.

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The Many Properties

At the height of his powers, Cage owned a whopping 15 different properties including a $25 million waterfront home in Newport Beach California and a $15.7 million Rhode Island mansion. He also owned a property in Las Vegas valued at an eye-watering $8.5 million.

The Haunted House

Not content with owning a glut of stunning properties across the US and beyond, Cage also shelled out a further $3.4 million for the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans. The property is infamous for being one of the mosst haunted houses in all of America. Top work!

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES: US actor Nicolas Cage arrives at the 69th Academy Awards ceremony with his wife Patricia Arquette at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, 24 March. AFP PHOTO Hector MATA (Photo credit should read HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

The Castles

Cage didn’t own just one but two castles over in Europe valued at $10 million and $2.3 million, respectively. Who needs two castles?

The Private Island

Yeah, that’s right: Cage once owned his own desert island in the sunny Bahamas.

Nicolas Cage

The Tomb

The Face/Off actor was ready to meet his maker and splashed out on a nine-foot-tall burial tomb in preparation. Thankfully, he has yet to use it.

The Shrunken Heads

Who hasn’t splashed a bit of case on a few shrunken pygmy heads? Wait, everyone?

Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood in The Trust

The Pet Octopus

Can you believe this only cost $150,000?

The Lamborghini

Not just any Lamborghini: this one belonged to the late shah of Iran. Oh, and it cost $450,000…

The Dinosaur Skull

Okay, this might seem a little odd, but at $276,000 for a seven-million-year-old dinosaur skull it’s an absolute steal. Well, it was until Cage was forced to return it to the Mongolian government.

The Comic

Last but not least, Cage once spent a whopping $150,000 on the first Superman comic. Possibly because he had designs on one day playing the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and Cage opted to sell the comic on.

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