All The Information Facebook Stores About You And How To Access It

It’s time to get seriously paranoid about your social media exploits…

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Facebook paranoia The fear is real Image Chris Jackson/Getty

Take care next time you log into Facebook because the powers that be are watching and keeping close tabs on your every move.

What once sounded like the stuff of wild paranoia is fast becoming fact after The Independent revealed the vast amount of personal data stored on the social media platform and just how easy it is to access it all.

Facebook’s data tools collect everything from personal data to locations to activities to pretty much everything you’ve ever said to everyone on the site ever.

The website’s “Activity Log” lists pretty much everything you’ve ever done on Facebook, whether it’s liking posts or searching for a particular someone – nothing is sacred.

It’s very easy to access too, with the list available to anyone who clicks on the small downward arrow located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Users can also download their Facebook data via the site’s setting and here’s where things get a little scary.

Because it’s here that you’ll find pretty much everything Mark Zuckerberg’s company will admit to collecting about you – and it’s a lot more than you might have thought.

Facebook data is no laughing matter.
Facebook No laughing matter Image LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

Bear in mind that the data comes from every computer you’ve ever logged into on Facebook and features information on what they have learned about you from your posts and interactions, good and bad.

Facebook users can already find out who unfriended them on the site, using a cheeky feature loaded found out about but this latest revelation could take that concept to a whole new level.

Collected for using in advertising on the site, it’s still fascinating to see the data and information Facebook has collected about all of us. Take a look for yourself – you might be surprised by what you find.

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