An All-Female Spider-Man Movie Is On The Way…Minus Spider-Man

Peter Parker will be taking a backseat on this one

A new Spiderman movie Minus Spiderman

Marvel looks set to take the Spider-Man universe in a very different direction with a new movie focusing on two of the web-slinger’s most popular allies rather than the man himself.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Sony Pictures is developing a movie focusing around Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Westworld writer Lisa Joy has already written the script for the film, which is currently being tweaked by Thor: Regnarok co-writer Christopher Yost.

It’s probably important to note that the film will not act as a spin-off from the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming but will instead be based on the classic Marvel Comics’ mythology surrounding the two characters.

Image Marvel

The move seemingly comes as part of a new strategy from Sony to further develop the Spider-Man movie universe, minus the man himself.

A movie focusing on one of his greatest foes, Venom, is already in the works, with some claiming that the recently released Life was actually a backdoor prequel focusing on the birth of the alien symbiote.

Such claims remain unfounded at present, though it would appear that work on the Silver Sable/Black Cat movie is moving at some pace.

The Black Cat In Marvel Image Marvel

A mercenary and expert burglar, respectively, the pair are largely represented as anti-heroes in the Spider-Man universe in a portrayal that could seen the filmmakers adopt a similar tact to the one seen in Suicide Squad.

Female-focused superhero movies seem to be the go-to comic book movie projects in Hollywood of late, as filmmakers look to readdress the balance that has seen male leads dominate the genre for much of the past two decades.

DC Comics is already taking the same approach with a Margot Robbie led Harley Quinn film on the way and the female-centric Gotham City Sirens to follow.

Quite how fans will react is unclear, given the negative response witnessed when Ghostbusters introduced an all-female cast for the last addition to the franchise.

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