Alien Yoga Might Be The Craziest Fitness Trend We’ve Ever Seen

This trick will both impress and scare your gym buddies...

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There’s a new yoga trend that has gone viral on social media, and it’s terrifying. 

The traditional name for this yoga technique is “Nauli,” but it has been dubbed by many as “Alien Yoga,” because it involves isolating tummy muscles and sucking them inside the rib cage.

This action makes the human stomach resemble the concave torso of the alien creature in the Alien franchise, hence the name, “Alien Yoga.”

Advocates of this exercise claim it’s very beneficial for digestion and also helps strengthen your core muscles. However, it just looks like a way to scare a child to us.

Personal trainer Dom Thorpe told HuffPost UK: “It’s simply a case of relaxing the obliques (love handle muscles), contracting the rectus abdominous (abs) and then using your diaphragm to create a vacuum inside the abdomen which sucks in the wall of the stomach either side of the rectus abdominous.”

While it might not be dangerous, this practice is advanced and should only be attempted by amateurs.

So it probably wouldn’t go well with beer yoga since you’re practically massaging your insides – imagine the discomfort with a pint of ale in your belly while doing this.

Many refute claims that “Alien Yoga” is a way to improve digestive health significantly.

“Digestive problems can be due to a lot of issues, and there’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to tackling them,” said Dr. Clare Morrison, a GP at the online pharmacy and doctor MedExpress.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty twisted party trick.

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