Alicia Silverstone Reveals She Wants To Play Batgirl Again

The woeful Batman and Robin hasn’t put her off returning to the character…

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Alicia Silverstone The forgettable Batman & Robin... Image Warner Bros.

Alicia Silverstone famously starred Batman and Robin back in 1997… and spent the majority of her career regretting it ever since.

After the success of Clueless, it was a move that definitely damaged her reputation in Hollywood in the long-run.

However, rather than shy away from the role, Silverstone has revealed that she’d be well up for playing Batgirl again if she was given the chance.

Twenty years on from her performance in the movie, the 40-year-old reveals that she’d love to give the character a second go.

“I feel like I could do a much better Batgirl now than I did then. It would be fun to tackle it again,” she told USA Today.

“Because I’m older and my acting is better. I know I would bring so much more to it.

Alicia Silverstone in 1995's Clueless
Clueless Image Paramount

“I was just a baby. It was a different thing. But I had fun back then. And I think it would be fun to do it again.”

The actress sounds very keen to return to the role, but there’s something she would definitely chance second time around.

“That costume was so uncomfortable,” she said. “Maybe something more comfortable would be nice. Something you can sit in. Something you can get out of to pee.”

It was recently announced that Joss Whedon is planning to direct a solo Batgirl, maybe it’s time that Silverstein was given another chance to prove herself in the role?

“I’m open to anything, whatever people bring to me and whatever the best choice is for that time,” she said.

Watch this space…

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