Alessandra Ambrosio gets naked in the tropics

The swimwear she’s modelling seems to have vanished altogether.

Alessandra Ambrosio at Californian event Revolve
Revolving goddess Alessandra Ambrosio has done it again. Image Picture Ari Perlistein/Getty Images

You can rely on Alessandra Ambrosio for devastating modelling shoots.

But the Brazilian legend has really gone to town on her latest escapades for Victoria’s Secret.

Taken somewhere suitably tropical, for some of the photos Ambrosio doesn’t seem to be wearing any actual swimwear at all.

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio
Keeping a Secret Alessandra Ambrosio, apparently modelling swimwear. Image Picture Scope Features

Not that anyone’s complaining, but the 35-year-old is also more successful at showing off her body art than anything from Victoria’s Secret’s range.

Victoria’s Secret recently hit the headlines when the lingerie chain’s new boss Les Wexner announced in March that it’s considering ditching its catalogue, which has been home to the likes of Adriana Lima as well as Ambrosio.

It was a move described as “Every guy’s worst nightmare” by leading stock market analyst Paul Lejeuz of Citi Bank.


A photo posted by David Bellemere (@davidbellemere) on

But having Ambrosio in shoots like this, following Vita Sidorkina’s appointment as the face of its Pink swimwear line, is certainly an exciting way for Victoria’s Secret to get its swimwear in the public eye. Ambrosio was the original face of Pink.

You were looking at the swimwear, yes?

Ambrosio also recently got naked for photographer David Bellemere.

When not being fantastically good at persuading people to shell out for pants, Ambrosio has been taking time off to attend Coachella with her daughter. She also celebrated her 35th birthday recently in LA with Taylor Swift.

Away from modelling, Ambrosio has also begun acting. She played, you guessed it, a model on Brazilian mini-series Verdades Secretes.

She’ll next be seen playing herself in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on May 30. Lucky Will Arnett will be seen dating Ambrosio in the film, as Ambrosio falls for his character Vern. Stranger things have happened, though we’re struggling to name six.

The film is out the same day as Warcraft, but that doesn’t have Ambrosio in it.

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