Who is Alden Ehrenreich? All you need to know about the new Han Solo

Find out more about the man set to fill Harrison Ford’s boots as the iconic Star Wars character

Alden Ehrenreich is the new Han Solo
Han Yolo Alden Ehrenreich is the new Han Solo Image Jason Kempin/Getty Images

After an exhaustive search that took in some 2,500 auditions, and countless Harrison Ford impressions, the man to play the next Han Solo has been discovered and his name is Alden Ehrenreich.

The 26-year-old actor, who most recently appeared in the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar!, will play the Star Wars favourite in an upcoming spin-off film focusing on Han Solo’s origins and basically how he ended up being best mates with that walking bag of fur, Chewbacca.

So what should Jedi fans know about Alden Ehrenreich and does the up-and-comer have a dark side?

Here is everything you should know.


A native of Los Angeles, Ehrenreich’s mother is an established interior designer while his stepfather, Harry Aronowitz, is an orthodontist. He must have a lovely apartment and great teeth then.


His name is pronounced eye-ren-rike. It’s important we establish that early.


Having acted throughout college and beyond, Ehrenreich got his big break in true ‘Cinderella Story’ circumstances after none other than Steven Spielberg discovered him performing a comedy skit at a bat mitzvah.


Ehrenreich’s first notable role came as a guest star on the TV hit Supernatural, in which he faced off against a Wendigo – some sort of mythical spirit/cannibalistic monster that resides in the woods of northern America. Nice.


Next up for Alden was a small part on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where he appeared in an episode alongside former Partridge Family star/real-life headcase Danny Bonaduce. Yikes.


In terms of big screen work, Francis Ford Coppola – The Godfather director who previously helped launch the careers of people like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro – was among the first cast him in a major role with Ehrenreich appearing in his two films Tetro and Twixt.

Neither one revolves around the computer game Tetris nor the popular chocolate biscuit bar Twix.

Alden Ehrenreich and Francis Ford Coppola.
Best buds Ehrenreich has friends in all the right places. Image Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Ehrenreich has worked with some impressive filmmakers to date though with Coppola, Park Chan-Wook, Woody Allen, the Coens, Sophia Coppola and…Warren Beatty all casting him in major roles.


Ehrenreich also previously came close to landing the part of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. Though he auditioned for the role, the 26-year-old lost out to Andrew Garfield.

Who’s laughing now motherfucker…


His 2013 supernatural effort Beautiful Creatures may have failed to ignite at the Box Office but it did showcase Ehrenreich as a bit of a Han Solo-style stud-muffin.

He was also nominated for two Teen Choice Awards for his performance – one for Choice Movie Actor: Romance (don’t ask) and another for Choice Movie: Liplock. You sexy motherfucker.

Alden Ehrenreich on a red carpet.
Ehrenreich looking rouge He's alright working Han Solo Image Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images


Ehrenreich once said:

“Some movies, I think, present ideas of the world that just don’t help people with their lives. They just present things that are fleeting or stupid. So that’s what I’m careful about – making sure I’m part of something that is saying something that I think is valuable in the world of people, not necessarily in the world of art.”

We look forward to seeing you appear as an intergalactic space trader fighting the forces of good and evil alongside a big hairy Wookie man in Star Wars then.


Born a Sagittarius, one horoscope predicted the following for Ehrenreich on the day he was all but confirmed as the next Han Solo.

“Spiritual and intellectual matters may be very much on your mind, Sagittarius. A lot of ideas could have come your way, although until now they may not have been very focused. Today, however, your mind should be clear enough to write down your thoughts and read the works of others in order to gain more insight. The possibility of a short trip out of town could also arise. Enjoy your day.”

Ehren’s going to town alright…

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