An Alarming Number Of Men Have Shot Their Penis Off With A Gun Since 2010

If you were in any doubt as to whether guns should be outlawed this will change your mind.

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Guns don’t shoot penises off; stupid people do though.

Or at least that’s the revelation to be gleaned from a report by, which estimates as many as seven men in the United States have accidentally shot their dicks off since 2010.

Self-inflicted gun shot wounds are a serious worry across the pond, with the widespread availability of firearms, coupled with the public’s penchant for doing stupid stuff, creating a catastrophic cocktail of cocks being blown away.

The report, carried by, cites initial research from the website which claimed as many as five blokes had managed to blast their bollocks off in the years running from 2010 to 2013.

Following up on that study, this report uncovered a further two incidents of guys putting bullets through their dicks, with the majority of these injuries occurring when the blokes involved tried un-holstering their guns from their trousers.

It means that, since 2010, at least one guy in the US shoots his dick off every year.

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Self-inflicted gun shot wounds, remain a serious concern in the US with figures released from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control indicating that there were 73,883 non-fatal firearms that year with close to 20 per cent of those being unintentional.

Hopefully these penis-related statistics might convince a few guys out there to do away with their guns altogether – their penises will probably thank them for it in the long run.

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