Hilarious Twitter feed sees awful Alan Partridge TV ideas become reality

Yes, Dogs on the Dole actually exists...

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Inner-City Sumo, A Partridge Among The Pigeons, Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank, Monkey Tennis…

Alan Partridge’s ill-fated pitch-fest to BBC commissioning editor Tony Hayers couldn’t save the Norwich DJ’s TV career, but in the years since that classic comedy scene many of Partridge’s eccentric ideas have happened for real.

Who could forget Gordon Behind Bars, chef Gordon Ramsay’s own version of Cooking in Prison? Even Eubank himself got in on the act with a self-aware advert for Hostel World.

Now Twitter is picking up the baton and running with it. Hilarious new feed @PartridgeIdeas is simple but devastatingly effective – show Alan, dictaphone in hand reciting his latest cracking concept, next to a real-life terrible TV show.

Frankly, it’s the funniest Partridge-based social feed we’ve seen since Political Partridge.

Don’t believe us? Treat yourself to the five crackers then head over to the@PartridgeIdeas feed to see them all.


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