Alan Partridge exclusive: Jimmy Savile and fox hunting for new series

Second run of Mid Morning Matters sees Partridge face the Countryside Alliance

Steve Coogan and Tim Key in the second series of Mid Morning Matters

Alan Partridge will take on Jimmy Savile and fox-hunting in the new series of Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters on Sky Atlantic later this month.

The second series of the Steve Coogan show sees Partridge discuss Savile’s legacy, before he invites a member of the North Norfolk Hunt into his studio for a debate on fox hunting. It sees Partridge try to establish whether the Hunt or Partridge’s LazerQuest team are the better hunters.

Partridge also has a new girlfriend, Angela, who is less glamorous than his partner Sonja from the first series. North Norfolk Digital has a new MD, Craig, described by Partridge as: “20% Steve Jobs, 10% Jesus, 50% Peter Sissons and a splash of Gandhi. No need to measure that.”

It’s the first Alan Partridge series since his film Alpha Papa was released in 2013, and sees Tim Key return as Partridge’s co-presenter Sidekick Simon.

Partridge told Loaded: “The screening of Mid Morning Matters on Sky Atlantic sees the coming together of two powerful ideas: Sky (“Believe in better”) and Alan Partridge (“Be the best”). Two compelling brands with two equally valid mission statements although, if we’re being honest, “Believing in better” isn’t as impressive as “Being the best”. “Being” feels more emphatic then just “believing”, while “best” is by definition one up from “best”.

“I’m not going to get into a debate about it, though. That’s part of what “Being the best is”. Thank you for your time, and I urge you to enjoy the series.”

The six-part series returns at 10pm on February 16 and promises that Partridge will also discuss “hard-hitting topics such as corner shops that unscrupulously sell multipack cans of fizzy drinks”.

The series is again written by Coogan with brothers Neil and Rob Gibbons, who have gone on to write for Armando Iannucci’s political satire Veep as well as penning the Alan Partridge autobiography I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan.

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