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Al Capone’s Lavish Florida Mansion Has Gone Up For Sale

By Jack Beresford

April 23, 2018

Al Capone never did things by halves.

The one-time king of organised crime in Chicago, a highly lucrative bootlegging operation allowed Capone to live a life of luxury most could only dream of.

It came at a cost though. Both for those that crossed the notorious crime lord and, ultimately, Capone himself, who paid for his misdemeanours with his freedom and, ultimately sanity in later life.

But it was one hell of a ride and if any further proof of that were needed, his mansion at 93 Palm Avenue, on Palm Island in Florida, provides just that.

Boasting a spacious four-bedroom villa, a cabana and a two-bedroom guesthouse, it served as the inspiration for Tony Montana’s incredible mansion in Scarface – a movie supposedly based on the life and times of Capone.

There’s a 30 by 60-foot pool, 100 square feet of frontage and, best of all, a seven-foot wall surrounds the property.

The property has just been listed for sale too, meaning someone has the opportunity to purchase not only an incredible piece of real estate but a fascinating part of American history.

It’s widely believed that Capone plotted the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre within the four walls of the mansion, among other similarly villainous plots.

This could be the perfect time to purchase the property too, with a new Al Capone movie starring Tom Hardy on the way and Scarface about to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

It also looks like it could be the setting for an absolute banger of a house party too.

But this kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap. The mansion is currently being listed for a hefty $15 million.

That could be money well spent though and is only likely to increase in value. You can take a closer look at the property here:

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