A New Study Has Found The Shocking Age We Become Our Parents

It's not what you'd expect...

Are you turning into your parents? Image pixbay

A new study has found the exact age we turn into our parents, and it’s younger than you’d think.

According to research done by drinks brand Appletiser, the age we start talking, walking and thinking like our folks is 30-years-old. A shockingly young age [via Grazia].

It’s inevitable that we become similar to our parents eventually, let’s face it they made us. In many cases, we’ve also seen them become their parents as well.

It’s bad news for a lot of people though. When asked, 49% of Brits surveyed claimed they feared becoming their parents while 48% were fine with the idea.

The researchers gathered information by asking people how many common, parental phrases they catch themselves saying such as ‘you’ll understand when you’re older.’

They also enquired whether they’d started the “retelling of old wive’s tales like “eating carrots will improve your eyesight’ as well as choosing comfort over style when shopping for clothes.

If any of these apply to you, you’ve started morphing into mum.

See also, a list of 10 signs you’re turning into your folks:

1. Not recognising some current chart music
2. Getting happy when you find a bargain
3. Choosing clothes for comfort rather than style
4. Having no idea who a popular celebrity is
5. Going to the toilet immediately before you leave to go anywhere
6. Caring less about what people think
7. Not going on a night out without a coat
8. Not understanding the latest social media trend
9. Questioning the latest fashion trends
10. Spending more on items for the home than you do on clothes

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