The Age When Most Women Have Best Sex Of Their Lives Has Been Revealed

And it’s probably a little older than you might have assumed.

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Most women will be well into their thirties before they experience the best sex of their lives.

That’s according to a new study which revealed that women enjoy their best and most fulfilling sexual encounters at the ripe old age of 33.

Much of that has to do with confidence, according to the research, which saw  1,000 women studied on all things slap and tickle.

Just over a third of respondents claimed to be more confident in the boudoir as they moved closer to their 40s.

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Asked if they could offer one bit of advice to their younger selves, just over three quarters of respondents claimed they would tell them to enjoy as varied a sex life as possible before settling down.

The study, published in The Sun to coincide with the DVD release of the latest Bridget Jones movie, also revealed that most women, on average, had around eight sexual partners before settling down.

One in five women also revealed they often let slip intimate details on a new partner to friends in the immediate aftermath of hooking up. 

Meanwhile, just 45 per cent of women described their experience of one night stands as “fun” with 13 per cent describing these hook-ups as “all good experience.”

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By contrast, 40 per cent labelled it a “mixed bag” while 20 per cent reckoned they were “embarrassing.”

The findings follow a recent study that revealed that regular sleep could be the key to more women enjoying a fulfilling sex life.

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