The Age of The Beard Is Over Thanks To This Damning New Study

Time to shave off the facial hair guys…

Tom Hanks' beard in Castaway
The king of beard Turns out women down find the facial hair attractive anymore... Image Twentieth Century Fox Film/DreamWorks

Beards have been the number one fashion trend amongst men for ages now, and hipsters everywhere have ditched the razor in favour of facial fuzz over the last few years.

However, new research has revealed a change in preference among women, which means the golden age of the beard could be all but over.

According to a survey conducted by, facial hair is now seen as a turnoff by most women in the workplace.

The study involved 1000 office workers, and 61% of the women featured revealed that unkempt beards were the biggest source of irritation in the office.

Meanwhile, 38% of women also said that beards look “unprofessional”, while 25% even went as far as to say their company had lost business because of their male colleagues’ facial hair.

“Big beards, tattoos and piercings are always a grey area at work.”

CEO of Chris Meredith comments: “It’s ok to be fashionable at work as long as it fits in with the general dress code or is for religious needs.

“Big beards, tattoos and piercings are always a grey area at work. If a company is public facing, it’s only right that they expect a certain professional appearance from their employees.”

Beards were once so popular, but on this evidence it might be time to pick up the razer and lose the fuzz for good.

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