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Young people can now take ‘adulting’ classes to prepare them for the real world

By Jack Beresford

September 05, 2018

CAN YOU change a tyre, repair clothes or adequately manage your personal finances?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then congratulations, you have earned the right to call yourself a fully-fledged adult.

But if these kinds of tasks seem beyond you, it could be worth enrolling in one of the new “adulating” classes on offer through Bark.com.

Due to start later this month, the classes have been designed to help equip young professionals with essential communication and management skills.

The kind of skills which, while essential to life, are not taught in schools.

It’s been introduced in the wake of research revealing a 15% rise in the number of young people struggling to deal with basic jobs like cleaning and home repairs.

A variety of tutors, accounts, mortgage brokers and mechanics have been recruited to help launch the service, amid a rise in the number of requests in these particular areas.

Those interested in attending can register their interest at: https://www.bark.com/blog/adulting-101-basic-skills-classes-launch-for-gen-z/

Classes start at £50 per day and will cover a range of skills, including:

Anyone proficient in any of these particular areas, meanwhile, can apply for a role as an adulating tutor, with tutors earning a minimum of £100 a class.

Those interested in being involved and teaching an ‘adulting’ class can register here: https://www.bark.com/blog/adulting-101-basic-skills-classes-launch-for-gen-z/