Adult Movies Could Get Very Interesting With These VR Gloves

The VRgluv could make virtual reality movies and games very touchy feely

The VRGluv VR gloves
The VRgluv They may not have been designed for it but... Image VRGluv

The world of virtual reality adult entertainment could benefit from a brand new VR glove designed to allow users to touch, feel and enjoy more than ever before.

It’s called the VRgluv and it’s arguably the most immersive, affordable virtual reality glove to arrive on the market yet.

What makes the VRgluv so innovative is that fact that in combines full force feedback, pressure sensing, and finger tracking in one eye-catching piece of kit.

It’s the glove’s full force feedback and proprietary pressure sensitivity feature that makes this extra special for anyone looking to immerse themselves further into the world of VR porn though.

That’s because the glove is one designed to let users not only feel objects both hard and soft but also squish, mold or crush virtual items.

The VRgluv virtual reality glove.
The VRgluv You can hold virtual balls Image VRGluv

It also means users can recreate the shape of an object in someone else’s hand.

Now, loaded is not trying to suggest that the VRgluv has been created with the express aim of the same technology being applied to the adult entertainment sector but, whether the company approves or not, it could have a lot of very interesting applications in porn.

VRgluv CEO Chris Taylor certainly appears to appreciate that the technology will have a variety of uses – even if he doesn’t necessarily include adult movies in that.

“Our Patent Pending technology will have applications in several industries including gaming, education, medical and robotics,” he said in an official statement.

“Additionally, as an avid and early-adopter of VR gaming, myself, I am thrilled that VRgluv™​ is very focused on initially introducing our gloves to the gaming community. I believe that giving gamers the ability to use “virtual hands” instead of button controllers is literally a game changer.”

Taylor’s belief could yet be applied to the world of porn too, with “virtual hands” offering a lot of potential, whether the company wishes to integrate the technology with this sort of entertainment or not.

More crucially still, with the gloves priced around the $349 mark, they represent one of the most affordable options in this burgeoning market.

For now, though, the focus is on raising the $100,000 the company needs to further develop the VRgluv. The good news is that the Kickstarter the firm has set up is doing roaring trade and is already half way there in terms of funding.

Should a few important people in the world of porn find out about the concept and we dare say the donations may increase even further.

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