Turns out watching adult movies can be good for your relationship

Pornography isn’t as bad for couples as we thought.

Is sex during the work day a good idea? Image Lovehoney

Pornography hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to relationships.

Adult movies have traditionally been seen as a destructive influence on couples’ behaviour, but what if we told you adult movies can be good for couples?

A new study has found that adult movies aren’t as harmful as first thought, and can actually have lots of positive impacts on relationships.

Psychologists at Western University in London, Ontario have conducted a study that claims explicit films can have positive effects for loving couples.

The findings challenge negative views of adult movies, which are often rooted in “radical feminist” ideas.

The study also claims that porn can be an important source of education, and help viewers learn new information about sex.

“Maybe, for many people, this is no different than a hobby they might have or their partner might have,” lead author Taylor Kohut said.

“They get some personal benefit, but it doesn’t have any serious ramifications for their relationships. Like one partner really liking golf.”

So the next time you hear someone criticise pornography, you can tell them – it’s just the same as liking golf.

It’s not all positive though. Pornography is currently being blamed for a rise in the number of exorcisms being witnessed across the United States.

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