Adult Movie Stars Reveal The Video Games They Love To Play

Porn stars LOVE gaming - who knew?

Ask a porn star - video games
Ask a porn star Riley Reid's secret passion for video games Image YouTube/Wood Rocket

Some of the biggest stars of the adult movie industry have revealed a secret passion for video games. 

You might not think that the most in-demand stars in the porn business are massively into gaming, but it turns out LOADS of them are.

Speaking in a new Ask A Porn Star video put together by Wood Rocket, adult performer Riley Reid reveals that she loved to play Mortal Combat when she was younger.

“As a child growing up, Mortal Kombat was my shit. I could do all the secret moves…” she says, before revealing she even fantasised about playing the game in real life.

“When I was angry, I’d imagine ripping the spine out of somebody’s back with my teeth – that would be my fatality.”

Ok then…

She’s not alone – Rizzo Ford reveals a long-held love of Street Fighter, while Cherie DeVille reveals she loves Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

Call Of Duty is pretty popular amongst stars too, although Val Dodds admits she’s not the best player in the world, instead preferring to try and make friends online.

Piper Perri has a secret addiction to Sims 4, while old-school games like Tekken and Street Fighter are also pretty popular.

Traditional consoles aren’t universally popular either, with the likes of Lily Lane going for the Wii, the iPhone or the Nintendo DS, as well as those dance mat games that were ludicrously popular back in the day.

So there you have it – when they’re not on set, some of the world’s most popular porn stars are probably at home spending quality time on the PS4. Who knew?

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