Adult Movie Stars Reveal How They Got Their Stage Names

Porn's biggest stars reveal all.

Wood Rocket adult movie star video
Wood Rocket Adult movie star Image YouTube/Wood Rocket

We’ve all heard the old thing about how you find out your porn name, right?

No? Well, basically, you take the name of your first pet as your first name, and the name of your street as your surname.

Just in case you were interested, loaded would be Milly Eversley – pretty catchy, we’re sure you’ll agree.

However, it turns out that it’s a little bit more complicated than that in real life…

Wood Rocket have revealed a new video, which sees some of the biggest stars in the adult movie industry reveal how they came up with their stage names.

Charlotte Sartre got her name from the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, while Jasmine Webb chose her first name because she loves singing Jazz music, and because she’s ‘mean’ – see what she did there?

Cherie DeVille on the other hand reveals that she named herself after Cherie Curry from The Runaways.

Brooklyn Chase reveals that she chose her name after going through a baby name book, although we’re pretty sure that’s not what the makers of the book intended for when they made it…

It’s the latest insight into the industry that Wood Rocket has brought us, after adult movie stars revealed their most embarrassing on-set moments and what their first day on the job was like.

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