Watch Adult Movie Stars Read Out Their Weird DMs In This Hilarious Video

It turns out guys who send porn stars messages are really odd. Who knew?

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Pornstars read their DMs What do these adult movie stars' fans have to say? Image 4YallEntertainment/PornHub

Most celebrities like reading letters from their fans, but that’s not always the case with pornstars…

The guys at PornHub and 4YallEntertainment have collaborated for a brilliant new video, which sees a group of porn actresses read out some of the truly bizarre DMs they’ve received from fans.

Some of the messages are creepy and some are totally unexplainable, but they’re all completely random.

You might have already assumed that guys who message adult movie stars are the weirdest people in the world, and on this evidence, you’d to totally right.

Take a look at the clip below:

The likes of Cherie DeVille, Samantha Rome, Jayden Cole and Jaclyn Taylor all read out their strange DMs in the video.

From teenagers asking them to attend their prom, to real celebs using PornHub to hit on them, these stars get some bizarre requests.

The messages are a mix of emojis, bizarre audio clips, a whole load of dick pics and explicit pick up attempts which, unsurprisingly, don’t work.

Cherie DeVille says what we’re all thinking at the end of the clip,: “Come on guys, you’re better than that.”

So, next time you’re thinking about to send a direct message to a porn star, just delete it. Ok?

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