Adult movie sites are increasing encryption to keep your browsing private

Pornhub’s got your back.

Is sex during the work day a good idea? Image Lovehoney

Browsing on adult movie sites could be about to get more discreet than ever, after plans for a large-scale move towards increased encryption were teased.

Plenty of sites are switching to HTTPS, which ensures a more secure connection between browser and serves, but most porn sites have yet to make the switch.

However, as The Washington Post reports, the industry could be about to move towards HTTPS.

HTTPS – which is usually identified by a lock in the URL bar – would make browsing more discreet than ever.

The secure communication protocol results in increased in privacy for readers, faster loading times and also makes content harder to censor.

Porn adult star Jenna Jameson
Image Jenna Jameson

The Center for Democracy and Technology and adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition has released a message suggests a move towards increased encryption.

If the changes were introduced, anyone watching your connection wouldn’t be able to identify your searches or watched videos. Let’s hope it’s introduced soon.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that porn can have positive impacts on relationships.

Adult movie sites are LAO being blamed for a rise in the number of exorcisms across the United States though, so it’s not all positive.

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