Adidas Launches New Beer And Vomit Proof Trainers

Perfect for nights out on the town.

A new trainer from Adidas.
Adidas has a new type of trainer. It's sick! Image Adidas.

When it comes to drinking, accidents can and will happen whether it’s a spilled drink or the occasional bout of vomiting.

Everyone knows the drill; you’ve been on a night out on the booze and reached a point where your body simply cannot take any more alcohol onboard.

The result is vomit and often lots of it. Now, in an ideal world, you would aim to make it to a toilet or even a nearby sink before the urge to purge takes hold.

But life rarely works out that way, meaning you can often end up vomiting there and then, resulting in an unsightly mess and maybe even a stain or two on your shoes.

Adidas is looking to change all that though with the first ever beer and vomit repellent trainer. It’s a shoe that has been designed to celebrate the upcoming Oktoberfest, which will see drunken revelers descend on Germany for good drinks and good times but any can purchase it.

Vomit and beer spillage both look likely at the festival, so the German shoe manufacturer has put together a very special trainer that fuses German tradition with cutting edge technology.

Made from the finest leather and inspired by tradition German garb, the Adidas München has also been coated in a durable puke and beer repellent (DPBR) that should ensure shoes stay dry, smell free and stainless.

They aren’t simply reserved for those heading to the festivities either – anyone that likes what they see and is rather partial to a pint or six need only stump up £159.95 to buy them online.

Best of all, they’ll not only land a pair of the shoes but also a free 43einhalb x Rastal beer mug.

Nights on the town will never be the same again.

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