According To The Animal Kingdom Being Beautiful Keeps You Alive

Work it ladies

You're Pretty, Dude. Image SUWalls

What if everything you thought you knew about nature turned out to be a lie?

A new study, published in the journal Evolution is changing opinions on the animal kingdom, after claiming that female beauty in animals isn’t just about attracting a mate, as it is with males.

It turns out it’s much more than that; it’s about securing a legacy and staying alive.

Within the realm of Animalia, usually, the males are flashy and full of bright plumage. For example, the male peacock is cobalt blue, and the female is a muddy brown. She still gets a pretty hat though.


However, when it comes to lizards, insects, fish, crustaceans and primates. Flash is cash.


Take the female blue crab. Her distinction from the male lies in her bright red-tipped claws that resemble brightly painted nails. Males prefer a deeper red shade as it denotes better fertility.

Then there’s the female striped plateau lizard, who develops a bright orange patch on her throat when she’s ready to mate. Much like the blue crab, male lizards prefer a female with a richer colour as it means her eggs will be of better quality.

The co-author of the study Dr. Courtney Fitzpatrick at Duke University claims that too often male beauty in the animal kingdom has been considered more than female.

Female Plateau Lizard Journal of Animal Ecology

Usually, males make themselves as attractive as possible to gather a harem and have more kids. however, females use their good looks to attract better partners. It’s about quality, not quantity. A stronger, faster mate means healthier offspring and efficient protection from predators.

Even on four legs, women are more logical.

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