Abigail Ratchford Reveals She Came REALLY Close To Baywatch Role

They really missed a trick not casting her alongside The Rock...

Abigail Ratchford
Abigail Ratchford The US model strikes a pose. Image Twitter/AbiRatchford

She might be one of the most popular models on Instagram, but Abigail Ratchford has revealed that she was ‘turned down’ for a role in the upcoming Baywatch movie.

You might think that the stunning model, who boasts over 7.2 million followers on the social media platform, would have been a perfect choice to star in the upcoming reboot, but things weren’t meant to be.

Speaking to loaded, Abigail Ratchford revealed that she tried out for a role in the movie last year, and still thinks she could have brought something to the movie.

“I actually tried out for it. Last year they had, like, a group of different Instagram girls,” Abigail told us.

“They called me to audition, I was one of them. Yeah, I really honestly thought that I could get it, because I thought I had the right look.”


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It’s a tough break for Abigail and we’d have loved to see her star alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra and Zac Efron.

Johnson actually recently promised that the upcoming movie would be ‘way sexier’ than the original series, and you’d think Abigail – Instagram’s self-professed ‘Queen of curves’ – would have brought something extra to the movie.

They missed a trick not casting Abigail, but if the studio bosses behind Baywatch need someone to star in any sequels they’re planning, they know where to look.

In any case, Baywatch arrives in cinemas on May 29. Watch the trailer below:

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