A Woman Got Her Pet Snake Stuck In A Hole In Her Earlobe

We don't think this trend will catch fire in the fashion world

Britney Spears snake MTV VMAs
Snake charmer Britney Spears with a python draped over her neck at the 2001 MTV VMAs. Image Picture MTV/Creative Commons

One woman found herself the butt of many a joke online after getting her pet ball python stuck in her stretched out ear gauge and sharing a picture of the painful results on Facebook.

Ashley Glawe from Oregon posted a picture of her poor snake Bart hanging from her ear after he somehow found his way into the large piercing with the resulting image racking up 32,000 shares and 23,000 likes since.

To get Bart out, Doctor’s had to make a tiny cut and stretch the hole further, allowing the serpent to slither out of his confinement. Maybe Ashley should have asked them to stitch up the hole while they were at it to avoid another Bart mishap.

Ashley Gawe/ Facebook

Ball pythons like Bart originated in sub-Saharan Africa and are non-venomous.

They are popular as pets because they stay pretty small and have a docile temperament. They are especially revered by the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria who still make coffins and conduct funerals for dead ball pythons.

Bart clearly knew he was pretty important.

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