A Snake Vomits Up Another LIVE Snake In A Startling Viral Video

The insane event was captured by a couple on their way home...

Snakes aren't loyal... Image pixabay

In a startling act of cannibalism or some kind of snake-ception, a snake was captured vomiting up another live snake.

Christopher Reynolds was headed home one day with his wife when he came upon a giant black snake with what looked like worm protruding from its mouth; his wife encouraged him to film what she suspected was something very weird.

She was very right. The video shows the black snake regurgitating another snake which was wriggling itself out of the bigger snake’s body, seemingly unharmed.

Reynolds suspects that the black snake was releasing his meal due to being startled by the two humans.

Snakes normally vomit up a meal if they’ve been disturbed or if the food of choice is just too big. In this case, we think it was a combination of both. Talk about your eyes being too big for your stomach.

“This is crazy… This is that other snake’s super-ultra lottery lucky day. Wow, I can’t believe that little dude is still alive, ” Reynolds exclaims in the video. “Look at him – he’s still licking his lips and swallowing, trying to figure out what’s going.”

Christopher Reynolds/YouTube

After vomiting up the still-living snake, the black snake stares at his audience for a minute before slithering away, leaving his stunned former victim behind. We’re not sure what breed of snakes these two are, they resemble rat snakes which are a common species found in Texas. 

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