A Tiny LEGO Brick Has Just Been Auctioned Off For £14, 000

What does Lord Business have to say about this?

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Catawiki is a Dutch based online auction house, known for selling specialist items, including a classic car or two.

They recently made headlines after a very rare and solid gold LEGO brick was sold for £14, 000 – though there is a valid reason behind this astonishing sum.

This particular brick was actually one of several made between  the years of 1979 and 1981 and created as a gift for LEGO employees in Germany who had worked for the company for 25 years.

In some cases, it was even bestowed upon business partners of the toy company during this time.

The pricey brick was sold for the Florida-based company Brick Envy which provides ‘quality LEGO and excellent customer service.’

Size-wise the 2×4 brick is 25.65g of 14K gold. A regular brick weighs about 1.152g, so it’s a bit heavier than the usual.

It was originally owned by an Italian business partner of LEGO who was given the brick as a gift in 1980.

John Hughbanks, president of LEGO fan website Brick Envy, told The Mirror “This is definitely the most special brick I have ever come across.”

No word on the identity of the American man who bought the item or what he’ll do with it. Perhaps he’s building a giant LEGO Trump Tower. Perhaps a certain president has been shopping online.

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