A Real-Life Version Of Gotham City Is Coming And It Sounds Amazing

It's the theme park Batman fans deserve AND need right now...

Batman setting Gotham City
Gotham City Batman

A real-life version of Gotham City is arriving very soon, and its incredible news for Batman fans everywhere.

Warner Bros. has revealed that it’s planning to create a real-life recreation of the classic comic book setting as part of an awesome-sounding new theme park in Abu Dhabi.

The studio is bringing the DC universe to life through the new attraction, which has got the comic book fan in us extremely excited.

The early concept art for the ambitious build looks incredible, and it seems like the recreation of a legendary comic book location we deserve AND need right now…

The concept art features the familiar dark colour palette of Gotham, and it looks like there’s a ‘Joker Funhouse’ in the recreation too, plus a Mr Freeze-themed food stand, a Riddler rollercoaster and some kind of ‘Bazooka shooting’ range, which all sounds incredibly cool.

It’ll be interesting to find out which areas of the recreated Gotham we recognise from the films. After all, the city we see in the movies in a mixture of all kinds of places.

gotham concept art
Gotham concept art Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Image Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

While 2016’s disappointing Suicide Squad actually revealed that the fictional city is located right next door to New York in New Jersey, the Gotham we see in the Christopher Nolan films is based on landscape shots from cities all over the world.

Locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, London and of course New York all feature in the movies.

Incidentally – the entrance to Wayne Enterprises in the Nolan films is actually Trump Tower, although we’re sure plenty of people would actually rather see Bruce Wayne in the Oval Office than Donald Trump…

It’s pretty incredible news for Batman fans, especially as Gotham has been a part of popular culture for the best part of eighty years.

The city first featured in the fourth edition of the Batman comics way back in 1940, and it’s been home to some of the greatest superhero stories ever told.

Metropolis at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi
Metropolis Metropolis at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Image Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

The new Warner Bros park doesn’t stop at Gotham either. Warner Bros. World: Abu Dhabi is also set to recreate Metropolis, the setting for Superman.

Early art for the Superman-themed world looks just as impressive, and also features the Ace o’ Clubs drinking establishment DC fans will recognise from the comics.

World named Warner Bros. Plaza, Bedrock – a recreation of the home of The Flintstones, Cartoon Junction, Dynamite Gulch will also feature in the park.

Warner Bros. World: Abu Dhabi is set to open next year, and we’re already applying for Bat-Credit cards so we can afford to go.

loaded has reached out to Warner Bros. World: Abu Dhabi for comment.

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