A Picturesque Town In Ireland Has Accidentally Become A Sex Chatline Hotspot

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Westport, a small town in Ireland that should be known for its emerald hills and ‘holy mountain’ Croagh Patrick has gained attention for something a bit different.

Namely, Babestation. The Babestation hotline is well known in Britain; it’s a channel and sex hotline for anyone with a hankering for an over-the-phone bone. A range of ladies are featured on the website which upon opening, has a live camera feed of their ‘babes’ waiting for a call.

Call they do, but lately it’s been to the wrong place. The first three numbers for the Babestation chat line and the beginning numbers for Westport are identical – 098.

Since Babestation clients are a bit too revved up, they forget to dial the international code for the UK before the Babestation number. This mistake has been redirecting their excitement to homes in sleepy Westport Michael Ring, Ireland’s regional development minister told The Guardian:

“They are getting these calls in the middle of night. One of those people has an elderly mother and family members all over the world, and there could be a call at any time that they would have to take.”


Babestation's Gemma Jane Image Babestation


ComReg, the company that manages landline and mobile phone networks in the Irish Republic, is working with UK colleagues to solve this problem. Meanwhile, they advise everyone to use the prefix 00 44 when dialing the UK.

Babestation is also trying to amend this mess up. They are planning an apology pilgrimage to Westport, the one place they should probably avoid.


Westport, Ireland Image Destination Westport


“As a show of support and recognition, Babestation, and two of their models, will be visiting Westport on Thursday at around 2pm to speak to residents and local people.” A spokesman for the company told The Sun. 

They were in Westport today for a bit of redemption. Hope it went well and no grannies were too scandalised. 

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