A Party Promoter Wants To Throw Raves In North Korea

Chernobyl for Christmas this year, darling?

British party promoter Dylan Harris owns a travel company like no other. Lupine Travel is a UK tour outfit founded in 2007 that enjoys scaring the bejesus out of their customers.

They offer destinations and tours for adventurous souls who hanker for a holiday in a totalitarian state and/or radioactive plant though the destination of their latest potential holiday package will take some beating: North Korea.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-41-03The website already offers tours in countries like Turkmenistan, Antartica, Iraqi Kurdistan and Sierra Leone to name a few. 

As the Lupine Travel website explains, it’s all about offering a holiday alternative – in every sense of the word.

“We doubt you will find tours to these destinations at such low prices, costing up to 50% less than other Western tour operators for similar tours,” they claim.

“We do not however compromise on quality; we use accommodation and guides that we know and trust and have a great working relationship with.”


North Korea certainly offers visitors something different too, though not necessarily tourist-friendly.

“There are dingy backstreet boozers that tourists aren’t allowed in—they’re packed full of locals but there’s never any music played in them,” Harris told Vice.

“The only thing you can hear is the clinking of glasses and loud drunken voices, which promptly stop as soon as they spot a foreign face walking in.”

Sounds interesting,  fans are evidently impressed if the following Trip Advisor-style review is anything to go by:

“It is now almost a month since we returned from the Birthday Tour to North Korea. I have spent so long thinking and talking about the experience that I have only just remembered that I have not been in touch to thank you. It truly was a memorable experience though perhaps not one to be repeated. The group was brilliant and for this we are seriously grateful. We shall look out your other tours in future. Once more serious and sincere thanks.”

With group and private tours lasting between five and seven days on offer alongside a few possible secret raves, North Korea could be the go-to holiday destination of 2017. Well, maybe.

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