A Nintendo 64 Mini Console Is On The Way

Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing all have to feature, right?

Nintendo 64 consoleImage Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images

Nintendo has taken a significant step towards something gaming fans have been predicting some time now: the arrival of a Nintendo 64 Mini.

The Japanese gaming giant has already enjoyed significant success with two miniaturised versions of its popular Nintendo Entertainment System and the follow-up console the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Both came with a wealth of built-in games and have been selling like hotcakes among gaming enthusiasts of a certain age.

It, therefore, stood to reason that Nintendo would look to bring out a scaled down, supped up version of the Nintendo 64 – the console that followed the aforementioned pair.

Those plans have just moved one step closer to fruition after it was revealed that Nintendo has filed a trademark application for the N65.

According to the application, the company is looking to remake several assets relating to the console, including the software and controllers.

There’s no word yet on what games will feature on the special console, though an unofficial list was previously leaked online.

GoldenEye Nintendo 64 video games

That particular listing sparked some controversy for the fact it failed to include Goldeneye, with some reports suggesting an issue over licensing may prevent the game from being included.

In any case, fans could soon find out the truth, with reports suggesting plans for the Nintendo 64 mini could be unveiled at the upcoming E3 2018 gaming event.

Here are a few games that should definitely feature on the console, should it end up happening.

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