VIP. Very Important Penis


A New Study Has Explored What Makes A Penis Good Looking

By Danielle De La Bastide

February 03, 2017

What makes a penis? Is it girth, length, colour? A new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine is exploring that very question, namely: “What is a handsome pecker?’

A group of Swiss researchers looked into it, they conducted a poll (no pun intended) and asked 105 women (aged 16 – 45) to sum up the schlong attributes they prefer. They considered eight characteristics in all. [via Health].

Of the eight, three stood out as the most important and no they had nothing to do with size. In actuality, a fit penis should have a good – “general, cosmetic appearance,’ a nice patch of hair and of course, decent penile skin. Circumcised or not. Most women have their own preference.



The study was conducted in part to support men who are born with what they consider ‘abnormal’ penises. When the women were shown different kinds of dicks, they all came up with a similar answer – looks normal to me! See guys, nothing to worry about.

To conclude, the scientists focused on the female subjects themselves – they found that as women mature, the less they care about penis appearance. Isn’t that nice? With age comes acceptance.

Now if we can get the patriarchy to work on their consistent judgment of female bodies, we’d be sailing smooth.