A New Food App Will Suggest Meals Based On Your Feels

Eat Your Feelings


We have come so far as a species, no longer are we all about the shelter, the hunting and the gathering of food, the fighting off dinosaurs for a snack (yes we know the timeline).

Now that the basic needs are met, we’re finding other ways to fulfil ourselves with food, humans currently pay exorbitant amounts for a shellfish with a bit of gold on it, or popcorn also with a bit of gold sprinkled on top. We’ve taken it too far. 

But never fear, we’ve gone further. Professor Charles Spence, a scientist at Oxford University has collaborated with food delivery service Just Eat to create a new “mood mapping” technology which is being tested this weekend. What is this you ask? 

“The new app scans the face for signs of emotions, such as downturned lips and eyes and frown lines, and can often pick up on hidden feelings that a person may be ignoring.” Says The Telegraph. 

Mood affects so much, it steers our day from morning to night, food can impact it greatly. There is a reason it’s called comfort food. 



“There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that your mood has a significant impact on your taste and smell – it can deaden or liven the effect of both – a reverse of this is also believed to be true, that food can have a number of affects on your mood,” adds Spence.

The app will be able to notice a range of emotions such as: fear, shock, happiness, disgust, anger and sadness. After mapping the face and settling on mood, it will then suggest food to ease the pain or enliven the buzz.

Say you’re upset, something calming would probably suffice. Foods containing the amino acid tryptophan included: nuts, seeds, cheese, red meat, chicken, oats, eggs. 

So when you’re in a funk, scramble some eggs, top it with some aged red leicester and chase it with oatmeal. 

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