A Massive New Species Of Dinosaur Has Been Discovered

A perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo made famous in the 90's has finally been identified.

Baby Louie's original nest and parents... Image Zhao Chuang

A new dinosaur has been identified, and it’s absolutely massive.

‘Baby Louie’, a perfectly preserved fossilised embryo, was originally discovered in a nest of ancient eggs back in the 1990’s. Now, scientists have finally put a species to a name.

According to a newly released study, Baby Louie is a member of a brand new species of oviraptorosaur called Beibeilong, which paleontologists believe weighed nearly 2,500 pounds as adults and were the largest roosting animals ever on earth.

To give you a sense of scale, their nests were the size of a monster truck tire or a small pool. Additionally, they would have looked similar to a modern day cassowary, dubbed the most dangerous bird on earth.

baby louie
“Baby Louie” Embryo Model by Brian Cooley - Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

While these Beibeilongs lived between 89 and 100 million years ago, Louie’s legacy remains, and after decades of negotiations with the USA, his egg was finally sent back to its origin China for inspection by a team of Chinese, Canadian, and Slovakian scientists.

The most interesting aspect of this particular baby dinosaur is the fact that he died and was preserved the moment he started hatching. Such an occurrence is a rare find and aided the researchers in cracking the case.

baby louie
Nature Communications

“For many years it was a mystery as to what kind of dinosaur laid these enormous eggs and nests,” said Dr. Darla Zelenitsky, a co-author of the study.

”Because fossils of large theropods, like tyrannosaurs, were also found in the rocks in Henan, some people initially thought the eggs might have belonged to a tyrannosaur. Thanks to this fossil, we now know that these eggs were laid by a gigantic oviraptorosaur.

“It would have been a sight to behold with a three ton animal like this sitting on its nest of eggs,”she said. 

Rest easy now Louie. 

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